S1E10 | Nadia Stinga Rihani

Nadia Stinga Rihani is an authorized ashtanga yoga teacher living in Manly Australia. Nadia and her partner Gabriel have a four year old daughter Indi.

Nadia shares how she met her partner Gabriel, who also practices and teaches ashtanga, when studying ashtanga yoga with Sharath Jois in Mysore India. Their love blossomed and he moved to Australia.

In 2019 Nadia sold the yoga studio she had owned and operated for many years, and she and her family went travelling. When she returned, as she was about to begin life again in Australia, Nadia was in a serious accident, leaving her with multiple injuries and breaks in the pelvis.

Nadia shares her journey with her pregnancy and birth of daughter Indi, and in particular processing her journey into motherhood. Nadia also touches on the challenges she now faces and how her injuries might impact future pregnancies or births.

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