S1 E05 | Karyn Grenfell

Karyn Grenfell is one of the few Certified Ashtanga Yoga Teachers globally, and lives in Melbourne Australia. Karyn is the mother of six year old Hamish, and step mother to Bess, with partner Travis.

Karyn shares her journey into motherhood. After dedicating herself to her yoga practice through her twenties and thirties, as she approached her forties, she felt pressure from others asking if she would start a family. After some consideration with her partner Travis, soon after deciding they would, Karyn soon found she was pregnant.

Karyn shares her journey through building an advanced ashtanga yoga practice, her pregnancy and birth. She also shares her approach to parenting, holding space for her son as he learns his emotions. Karyn is also aware of being conscious of her own relationships to help her son see how to relate to others.


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