S1E15 | Grace Joukhadar

Grace Joukhadar is a yoga teacher specialising in pre and post natal yoga,  and “mums and bubs” yoga classes. She has been practicing ashtanga yoga since 2003. Grace is originally from Sydney in Australia and has spent time in Port Hedland, a remote town in Western Australia before moving to Melbourne.

She had three children within a short period of time. She talks us through her three very different experiences, including two caesarian births, and then her decision making process around having a vaginal birth after the two caesarians. Grace attracted the right people around her and had a vaginal birth with her third baby.

Grace shares her need to create community, and how she felt most engaged when giving back to those around her. For her, this evolved over time, and being a mother has enriched her yoga teaching.

We hear how Grace integrates yoga into motherhood, focusing on “finding the calm in the chaos”.

Yoga with Grace

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