S1E08 | Joumana Saber

Joumana Saber is an authorized ashtanga yoga teacher living in Dubai. Joumana is currently pregnant with her second child. In this episode she shares her journey with pregnancy, and also the birth of her daughter Tara.

During the birth of her daughter Tara, Joumana had a doula and had planned a water birth. After 26 hours of labour, when her waters were broken, meconium was discovered, and her birth took a different direction.

Joumana shares her journey after the birth, experiencing post partum depression and processing a traumatic birth. It was 18 months before she was able to acknowledge how she was feeling.

Joumana is vegan, shares details of how she raises her daughter as a vegan too. 

In this episode Joumana also shares how her relationship with her husband Yousef has deepened, having a child together is something else they are able to bond over.

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