S1E06 | Tina Bock

Tina Bock is an authorised ashtanga yoga teacher and lives in Abu Dhabi. In this episode she shares her journey of pregnancy, birth and postpartum recovery with her son James.

Tina has been practicing and teaching yoga since her early 20s. She developed her connection with ashtanga yoga after moving to Abu Dhabi and not being able to find a teacher or studio. She has established a strong self practice, and travels to Mysore to practice with Sharath Jois.

During her pregnancy, Tina continued to practice and travel during her second trimester. Her birth was unmedicated and a vaginal delivery, through her ability to say “no” as interventions were offered.

After the birth of her son, living abroad, Tina missed having the support of her family. She also shares how she experienced anxiety around the safety of her son.

To connect with Tina, or find out more about her yoga teaching visit:  Tina Bock Yoga

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