S1E12 | Katy Wright

Katy Wright has been a student of Ashtanga Yoga since 2005. While she has dabbled in teaching yoga her main profession is as a writer. She’s originally from the UK, and currently lives in France with her partner. Two years ago, Katy gave birth to their daughter Iris.

Being a writer Katy takes us on a journey through her experience of pregnancy birth and postpartum recovery. She shares the research she discovered during her pregnancy and postpartum, that she has since shared as a blog, for ashtanga practitioners.

Katy also shares her experience of having a baby while living abroad, with the language barrier creating a challenge during antenatal classes, and later, the isolation that this brought. Katy was also aware of the differences in attitudes and approaches to birth in France, compared to the UK.

Katy Wright postpartum blog

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