About Seventh Series

Balancing an ashtanga yoga practice with family life can be challenging. We learn as we discover relationships, fertility, pregnancy, forth trimester, embarking on parenthood and providing a nurturing environment for our family. Seventh Series Network brings these stories to you, through other’s journeys, to provide insight into how others approach their daily lives.

There are six asana (posture) series in Ashtanga yoga. Ashtanga yoga practitioners affectionately refer to the journey of parenthood as the “Seventh Series” paying homage to family life being the most challenging of the practices we undertake.

About Gaynor

The Seventh Series Network is brought to life by Australian SYC Authorized Ashtanga Yoga student and teacher, Gaynor Stanicic. She has been practicing Ashtanga since 2001, and teaching for over a decade. During the pregnancy, births and post partum recovery she looked to the Ashtanga yoga community for support, and was inspired to seek new ways to connect others. Seventh Series Network opens the doors for others to share in an open forum.

Host Gaynor Stanicic lives in Melbourne, Australia. After reading Yoga Sadhana for Mothers, Gaynor felt there were more stories to be shared from within the Ashtanga Yoga community. From this, the concept of Seventh Series the podcast was born.