S1E14 | Irena Bartolec

Irena Bartolec spends her time between Bali, Croatia and Costa Rica, and is an authorized ashtanga yoga teacher. She is an amazing strong woman and shares her story of raising her child as a single mother.

Despite being told she wouldn’t be able to conceive, Irena found out she was pregnant at eight weeks. Early into her third trimester, Irena experienced an issue with her cervix and was told to have complete bed rest. Irena craved moving her body, so practiced yoga by visualising and breathing, and later by lying on her back with her legs against a wall.

When her daughter was only two weeks old, her husband left and she was left to raise her daughter alone. Irena turned to her yoga mat and began a practice, feeling this was her only safe place.

Irena has taken trips to Mysore and then Bali, where she found a supportive community of mothers. We hear how yoga has given her the strength to endure the challenges and heartache that she faced.

This is a great episode, and you will get to hear all about how she has managed to raise her daughter, maintained her ashtanga yoga practice, while teaching or running her yoga shala. And about family and yoga community.


Irena Bartolec – Ashtanga Yoga Mama