S1 E04 | Alys Pardoe

Alys Pardoe is an Authorized Ashtanga Yoga teacher, with two grown up daughters, and lives in Margaret River in Western Australia.

Alys started her family when she was very young, and soon after discovered Ashtanga Yoga. Living in the small town of St Ives in Cornwall, UK she was first introduced to Ashtanga Yoga by renowned teacher John Scott. After he moved from the area, she found it challenging without a teacher, and her physical practice waned, however she maintained a spiritual connection with yoga.

Alys and her family moved to the surf town of Margaret River in Australia, pursuing the lifestyle that aligned with their beliefs. Her journey with Ashtanga Yoga continued to unfold. When she moved to Australia she connected with Eileen Hall’s student Leilah Whiteman, who further guided Alys in the physical practice, as well as nurtured her journey with philosophy and other aspects of yoga. It was her teacher Leilah that gave her the support to travel to Mysore, and confidence to become an ashtanga yoga teacher.

This episode follows Alys through her 22 year journey with Ashtanga Yoga, and how she was able to stay connected to Ashtanga Yoga throughout this time, while balancing her role within her family as a mother and partner.