S1E16 | Tanisha Walters

Tanisha Walters lives in Cooper Landing in Alaska. Tanisha and her husband Zack live with their two daughters Kaia and Maya, in a home they built together. She is a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Japanese acupuncture practitioner, and yoga teacher.

Tanisha shares how Traditional Chinese Medicine supports fertility and pregnancy through diet, how she used Moxibustion to flip her breech baby, acupuncture for induction for her second pregnancy, and Chinese herbs to support anaemia. She also observed the period of “sitting” during post partum after her babies were born.

Tanisha shares her experience of two fast home births, one where her midwife only arrived after the birth of her second daughter, assisting with the delivery of the placenta.

Other themes include managing anaemia, rectus diastases, prolapse, parenting, becoming a mother, self practice, Chinese medicine dietary recommendations for pregnancy, and living sustainably.

Tanisha Walters

Birthin from Within
Business of Being Born