S1E09 | Jessica Hunt

Jessica Hunt is an authorized ashtanga yoga teacher in Columbus Ohio and co-founder of the Trini Foundation with her husband Taylor.

Jess and Taylor have three children together, Makayla, Isaiah and Xavier. It was during her recovery from addiction she found ashtanga yoga, and it became and still is integral in her recovery. After experiencing severe endometriosis in her early 20s, and a series of medications to assist this, Jess was surprised to find out she was pregnant. She shares her birth experience and adjusting to being a mother at a young age.

Jess also shares the three very different pregnancies and birth experiences she had with her children. Following her first birth experience, Jess educated herself, and her second birth to son Isiah was a drug free vaginal birth.

After such a beautiful birth with her second son, Jess planned an intimate home water birth, with a birth photographer to document the experience. When it became apparently her baby was stuck, Jess was taken to hospital and underwent a caesarian. She shares the challenges of the physical recovery following the caesarian, as well as mourning the outcome of the birth.

Jess is full of wisdom and insight, there is so much to absorb from how she approaches motherhood, and what she has learnt as a mother of three.

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