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S1E13 | Lisa Meconi

Lisa Meconi has been a practitioner of ashtanga yoga for 10 years, and lives in New Hampshire, USA with her son and husband.

S1E12 | Katy Wright

Katy Wright has been a student of Ashtanga Yoga since 2005. She currently lives in France.

S1E09 | Jessica Hunt

Jessica Hunt is an ashtanga yoga teacher in Columbus Ohio and co-founder of Trini Foundation with her husband Taylor.

S1E06 | Tina Bock

Tina Bock is an authorised ashtanga yoga teacher and lives in Abu Dhabi. She shares her journey of pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

S1 E05 | Karyn Grenfell

Karyn Grenfell is one of the few Certified Ashtanga Yoga Teachers globally, and lives in Melbourne Australia. Karyn is the mother of six year old Hamish.

S1 E03 | Michelle Papa

Michelle Papa has been practicing yoga since 2004, she is a yoga teacher and birth educator. She has a ten year old daughter, Cassie. Michelle and her family reside in Sydney Australia. Michelle shares how the experiences have provided richness in her teachings of prenatal and post natal yoga, and birth education.

S1 E02 | Meghan Kirk

Meghan Kirk is an Authorized Level II ashtanga yoga teacher living in Philadelphia, USA. Meghan shares her pregnancy, birth and postpartum recovery after the birth of her daughter Maggie.

S1 E01 | Kerstin Bilgmann

Kerstin Bilgmann is an Authorized Level II Ashtanga Yoga teacher living in Sydney Australia. In this episode Kerstin shares the experience of her pregnancy, birth and postpartum recovery after the birth of her son Jai.