S1E13 | Lisa Meconi

Lisa Meconi has been a practitioner of ashtanga yoga for 10 years, practicing primary and intermediate series. She and her partner Jeremiah, and son Cormac live in New Hampshire, USA.

This is a heartfelt episode, as Lisa shares in depth her journey of loss during pregnancy, experiencing a miscarriage within the first trimester of her first pregnancy.

This episode is pertinent, as this month, October, is International Pregnancy and Infancy Loss month. In our society, women and families are encouraged to keep pregnancy to themselves during the first trimester, due to the high incidence of pregnancies not being viable. However, in doing so, this shuts down the support circle during the healing period after loss.

Lisa shares how the women around her rallied, and gave her immense support during the initial phase of grieving the loss of her child. Lisa then shares the process through healing grief and being in a place to plan for another pregnancy.

Following the birth of her son, Lisa experienced post natal anxiety and depression, due to body trauma from birth, a debilitating back condition and the guilt that she felt. Lisa’s resilience through this time is inspiring, she would visualise her yoga practice in the absence of a physical practice.

This story covers the unique relationship a teacher can create with a student, pregnancy after miscarriage, placenta previa, adjusting practice during pregnancy, hospital birth, epidural, birth trauma, back condition, post natal anxiety and depression, and returning to practice after birth.

If this episode creates distress based on past or present events, and you are not familiar with what professional support is available to you, please reach out to be connected with services in your area.


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